“I found Sharon to be exemplary in her position always using her knowledge in order to achieve success. She is detail-oriented, especially with following up on specific matters to reach her goals. Sharon was always a “team player” who worked well with her colleagues and with clients.” – Eileen Samet, Cote de France

“Having spent a lot time outdoors as a child, Sharon has always been interested in the environment and protecting it. Being a seasoned traveler she was introduced to many different cultures and went on to get a BA in Art History/Anthropology. Her love of art and wanting it to be available to all, essentially led her to get her Masters in Museum Studies for Decorative Art. While working for various galleries and interior designers in NYC she became aware of the immense impact that sustainable products and design could have on the industry. She forged on and became a LEED AP to increase her knowledge and involvement. Now, she is passionately combining her love of art + design with sustainability by assisting cultural institutions to achieve healthier indoor air quality, improve energy efficiency, implement green products and have an overall more sustainable interior. I recommend her highly, her dedication and breadth of knowledge make her a valuable asset to any green team”. – Andy Padian, GreenHomeNYC