CloverLeaf Energy and Environmental Design provides services to  assist museums and cultural institutions to become more  sustainable. We focus on creating and implementing new policies,  reducing energy consumption, improving indoor air quality for people and objects and analysis of the most effective  ways to become more sustainable.

 Our mission is to provide cultural institutions with the resources to  learn about and implement sustainable initiatives. Museums are by nature institutions for conservation, so extending the reach to include sustainability in a museum’s mission is an imperative notion for us. Check out our blog!

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 PIC Green is a professional network of the American Alliance of Museums. We are committed to establishing museums as leaders in environmental sustainability, a critical issue that is inextricably tied to mission-fulfillment. PIC Green’s core values include education, collaboration, research and communication. We seek to advance and celebrate environmental stewardship and aspire to help museums be green in every aspect of their operations and programs. PIC Green’s focus is to explore and articulate green practices as fundamental underpinnings to all museum missions. Through example-setting and education museums can be green beacons in their communities to catalyze a potential triple net effect encompassing economic, social and environmental issues, internally and externally.

Having been involved with PIC Green for the past 3 years with the development committee and now with program and planning committee, we are finally make headway in educating museums about the necessity for implementing environmental standards. Each year PIC Green creates a session track for the AAM conference focusing on relevant sustainability strategies that cultural institutions can implement. See our 2013 White Paper – Museums, Environmental Sustainability and Our Future for a comprehensive overview of what is happening now and what is to come. It’s an exciting time for all institutions to help pave the way for a healthier future, check us out and get involved.

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GreenHomeNYC is a community-oriented, volunteer-run organization, it’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of sustainable building methods and materials by owners of small and mid-size residential and commercial buildings in New York City. It aims to be a hub of resources for small building owners, to promote the understanding of green building issues, and to connect building owners with local green building service and materials providers.

GreenHomeNYC is a dynamic organization to be a part of, if you are looking to learn more about green building, residential or commercial this is the place to go. In 2008 I took over the reigns of managing and developing the Monthly Green Building Forum Program. This was an extraordinary opportunity to not only educate NYC residents about green building, but also to meet top industry experts in their particular field of study. My team and I managed the forums from start to finish, everything from deciding on content, securing relevant speakers, seeking out event spaces to coordinating after forum networking sessions and everything in between. This experience has made me a believer of green building strategies and now I continue to spread the message and educate all those that I can.

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NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association) is the region’s leading membership organization promoting sustainable energy practices in the built environment.

I coordinated an education session for BE2011 (Building Energy 2011), a conference for renewable energy and green building professionals. Researched, organized and planned conference session on Greening Museums and Cultural Institutions. Moderated 3-hour session, recruited all speakers and developed content for audience. Coordinated 4 top industry professionals to speak specifically to museums environments.